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I create prints using a three-dimensional rendering of my piano performances.  The performance starts at the center of the print, and unfolds outwards in clockwise motion.  I use cutting-edge technology to present a traditional art form in a modern and groundbreaking way. 


Each musical note is represented by a sphere, which is sized by the loudness of the note.  The notes are colored based on pitch, and each pitch of the scale is assigned the same color for the duration of a piece.


As the harmony incorporates chromatic pitches outside of the home key, contrasting colors can be observed in the corresponding section of the print.  The visceral nature of color makes it easy to appreciate and analyze passages of deep musical complexity.


The structure of classical music echoes the natural beauty of the universe.  By highlighting the elegance of musical harmony, I hope to share the impact that music has had on my creative focus and spiritual well-being.




I can also create a custom art piece from a piece of music that is special to you.  Please email for more information.

Peter also performs live events pairing his fine art prints with concert repertoire.  He uses his SeeMusic app to project the colors from the fine art prints behind his live performance.


For more information about my work as a classical pianist, visit:



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