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  • I just purchased the absolutely magnificent app. I do tutorials online and theres is just everything in there I need. Well done! One thing bugs me, though: "SeeMusic" just stays in the middle of the screen! I need to move up the keyboard and then it weirdly mingles with the logo. Also for teaching the surface should be as clean as possible, all the notes being confusing enough. I cant even imagine that this is intended. Or is it? best from Christian www.youtube.com/c/ChristianFuchsBlues
  • Hi Peter I've been working with some piano and string duets resently. It would be a wonderful feature, if the app could display or merge two (or more) midis at a time, like having the keyboard playing the piano part horizontally and the violin melody as a secondary vertical visual, instead of all the music coming from one midi source. Hope you get my point. Cheers