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Jul 30

Hey man I love your app, is it possible for you to make Gradient notes on SeeMusic? Something like this?



Thank you

Thanks for getting the Feature Request in here - I've already done a bit of development on this and I'll try to get a version of the note gradient feature into the app in the next few weeks! It should definitely be cool.

This was an awesome feature request, and you can now make Gradient videos in Version 3.0 and above of SeeMusic! Hope you guys enjoy the new feature :)

@visualmusicdesign thank you. Sorry for all The questions, is just that I just bought everything for the Led and the arduino I just don’t know the code. Do you have it? That would be amazing. Thank you

@Knight Piano No worries! Of course in general, I'm really committed to helping everyone out and making tools to make it easier to create visual music videos. Still, the code I've written for my Arduino took many hours, is highly customized, and isn't prepared for distribution. For the foreseeable future, I'm probably not going to be distributing that code. I think I did caution when you had asked about this previously that you'd need to know how to do the code yourself... I wish you all the best in making it happen!! Peter

Yeah thanks for the quick response. How did you learn to program it. I just wanna know if there is some kind of tutorial.

I worked directly with my electrical engineer, who had previous experience with the hardware - so he knew how to do the pin work and do the basic turning on of the strip in code, then I wrote all the code to figure out the colors and assign to the strip. There wasn't a tutorial, and it was definitely a pretty grueling process. I know there's a lot of demand for this, and I do hope to eventually create some way to help people out with making it. It's just not necessarily the best idea or really even fair for me to give away the code I wrote for free... Maybe there are other people out there that have shared similar projects - if its out there you can find it on Google!

I don’t know how to thank you. You are such an amazing person. Is it possible for the next version of SeeMusic if there could be a little bit more real particles kind of like Rosseau‘s? Not exa the same but similar style. By the way while I’m writing this I’m using SeeMusic. Thank you!

:) While I'm writing this I'm working on coding it! (Really optimizing it so even lower end devices don't have lag). Of course I've long wanted the particles to be more like Rousseau. It isn't possible with Apple's built-in particle systems. I'm going to keep looking for another way to make it happen... it might come eventually after I do crowdfunding to try and create a cross-platform version that isn't as reliant on Apple's built-in frameworks.

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