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Sep 1

Export as movie/video


Hi SeeMusic

I have been playing with the app on my Mac, and imported a midi file and played with the visuals. How do I export the project ( visuals and audio ) as a movie/video ( like .mov or such)

(I'm not planning on playing/recording anything live but using allready recorded midifiles and importing them)

Best regards from Martin

Hello Martin,

Thank you for your question!


- SeeMusic will automatically offer the Export / Save File Dialog anytime you finish recording a Video inside the app.





- To record a video inside the app, click the Record button at the top left of the main screen.





- If you don't see that button, it's probably because you haven't purchased the Performance Upgrade yet. The Video Capture feature is part of the Performance upgrade. After you purchase the upgrade, the Record button will be available in the main interface.


I hope this answers your question? Just let me know if I can be of further assistance!


Best Regards,


Okay Peter, thanks. Just to get this straight. When you say press the record button, I have to do this even though the midi file already has been record on an eternal source and imported. So the record button is a kind of render button i guess?


Yes - the Record button can be used to either record a Video Capture of the SeeMusic visualization, or it can be used to record Audio / MIDI from an external instrument. (The app can also record Video Capture and external Audio / MIDI simultaneously).


- You could think of the Record button as a "render" button, if you are making videos of your existing MIDI files using the Video Capture feature.


- I will try to add a render mode in a future version of the app that could make videos without using the video capture feature - though this will be very complicated, and other feature enhancements would likely come first.



Thanks a lot Peter, I get it now:-) and will purchase the upgrades. Looking forward to using this app. It looks very promising. Good work...

Just upgraded. Trying to just record the midi file and the visuals, without any buttons in the left, or anything else. JUST the piano with effects and the audio. How to do?

If you just mouse the mouse off of the panel, into the center of the app, the control buttons and mouse cursor will automatically hide.


You can choose which elements of the visualization you'd like to show or hide in the Visual Settings tab of Settings.

Okay thx Peter, just one thing needed before it works (I think) Is there anyway to control the play/pause buttons with the keyboard, like in quick time player. Right now when I have started the video capture, I need to start the player with mouse, which the app then captures in the recording:-( The only way now is 1: to make like 10 sec of silence in the audio track, so I can get the mouse out of the way or 2: press the play button with the mouse while recording, stop it and then use the space button to start the player again...

All this requires a lot of effort and editing on the video later. Any suggestions?

I hear you...

- I'll try to add a Automated Record feature in the next few days that automates the video recording process, to minimize / negate any editing.


- For the time being, on iOS, there's an automatic dialog that lets you trim the clip after you record, making that part pretty easy.


- On MacOS, it's very easy to trim clips in Quicktime Player, without loss of quality. Just open up the recorded file in Quicktime Player (usually the default app for .mov), then hit Command - T. This will let you easily trim the clip. Then press Command - S to save it without loss of quality. That's definitely a whole lot easier than doing that basic editing in iMovie, Final Cut or Premiere. (I personally didn't realize Quicktime had that feature until last year, and its saved me tons of time and effort.)


Will try to get an Automated Record feature added very soon!

That sounds wonderful, looking forward to that. Thanks for your kind, fast, helpful and thorough support:-)

Of course! I'm implementing the Automated Video Capture feature right now, and it should be available later today. It's definitely a necessary feature addition. It's always very helpful when users help me understand where the app needs a new feature or improvement.

Yes - I finished the update last week, and it is already published as version 3.4 for iOS. Unfortunately for MacOS, something is wrong with Apple’s App Store upload system, and I haven‘t been able to upload the MacOS update yet. I’m in touch with their App Store support and they are trying to figure out what’s wrong... very frustrating for me not to be able to post the update right away, but that’s the situation for now. Thanks for your patience!

Hi Peter, appreciate the changes you are making. I do get an "error on recording video" when trying the new track capture feature and also the same error when just using the video capture, so I can't capture anything now...

Screenshot 2019-09-12 at 10.51.42png


Hi Martin, sorry for the new issue. I'm able to replicate the problem, and hopefully will be able to post an update with the fix today. Thanks for your patience, Peter

Hi Martin, Version 3.4.1 is now live on the App Store. Could you let me know if the Capture By Track feature is working for you now, when you have a chance? Thanks, Peter

Hi Peter I've been testing the new feature, and it works at startup, like if you open the program and without doing anything else, you start the capture by track recording.


If you mess/play around inside the program/app, it often doesn't play the audio part, if you have assigned a such, only the midi works all the time. Then I have to leave the app, and re-enter if I want to capture by track. Hope I made this just a little clear:-)



Its getting better, its getting better all the time ( Beatles)

Tried to purchase the special effects/remove watermark, but got this popup ( attached)


I think there's another little bug. When you play the midi file, the visuals dont show on the first beat/bar. Until now I have had to insert like 2 seconds of silence in the start of the midi/audio tracks...

Hi Martin, thanks for all of the very helpful issue alerts, and suggestions!


Some users were experiencing crashes on startup, so my focus in the last few days was solving that issue.


I'll try to get around to fixing these issues as soon as possible.


- It's very strange that you weren't able to purchase the Special Effects upgrade.

- When you have a chance, could you let me know what computer and version of MacOS you are running? (for instance, MacBook Pro 2017, MacOS 10.13.2)

- Is there anything else special about your network or Apple ID? (for instance, is this a computer at a school or institution?)

Hi Peter I'm running an iMac Intel Core i5 ( late 2012 ) on Mojave 10.14.6

Nothing special about my network...


@Martin Starson

Hi Martin, Version 3.4.5 is now live on the App Store.


The In-App Purchase framework has been updated - can you check if you‘re now able to purchase the Special Effects upgrade? (If not, please try opening the App Store and making sure you’re logged in with the correct username there).


I also was able to fix the audio playback issue you had. The issue of the notes not appearing on the first beat is very difficult for me to replicate.... if it continues to occur, could you please email the MIDI file causing the issue to visualmusicdesign@gmail.com?


Thank you! Peter

Super, the purchase worked... The no note on beat 1 is still occurring, but not on all midi files???

I have attached a composition, where I get the "error" and e-mailed it . Maybe you can figure it out, but thanks for the other updates and effort anyway.

Hi Martin, I've tried many times importing the MIDI you emailed, and every time the notes display perfectly on my computer. Is the issue still happening in the most recent build? Sorry! If I could replicate it, I would be able to fix it immediately...

Oct 7Edited: Oct 7

Dear Visualmusicdesign, I purchased the Special Effects upgrade but after playing, recording and saving a movie, when I play the .mov file inside SeeMusic, in Quicktime or in another other app the movie is without sound.

Best regards

Hello, are you trying to record Video Capture audio from a microphone, or from the system audio?

- If the answer is microphone, please let me know - this should work perfectly.


- Unfortunately for in-app audio - at this time, Apple does not allow App Store developers to capture audio from apps (it's very frustrating). You can record the SeeMusic sound through your microphone, or you can use a third-party app to do the capturing, like Screenflow. As soon as a workaround becomes available to app developers that would allow me to implement in-app audio capture in, I promise I will implement it!


I also do plan to create a more powerful cross-platform of SeeMusic that isn't bound by these and other limitations of Apple's frameworks.

I think it must have to do with my DAW (fl studio), and it's exporting. Maybe it will fix itself, on a future update there.

Hi Peter Maybe you would like to see a 'finished product* using your see music application:-)


This is amazing! Very happy that you were able to successfully use the app in your project. If things are working well now, would it be possible for you to leave a 5-star rating / review on the App Store?

Thank you, Peter

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