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SeeMusic MacOS Beta Version 5.0 Upgrade Note

NOTE:  Version 5.0 uses a new bundle identifier, which will result
in previously imported files and save files not being visible in version 5.0 on MacOS.

Don't worry, your files are still there!  They just need to be moved to a new folder.

1.  First, run Beta 5.0 at least one time.

2.  To get back your files from previous Beta versions on MacOS, from the Finder menu, choose "Go..." - "Go to Folder..." - and then enter this folder name: 
/Users/YOUR USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Visual Music Design

3.  Locate the folder named "SeeMusic" or "com.VisualMusicDesign.SeeMusic"

4.  Copy-replace the contents of this folder to the folder called either
"SeeMusicUnity", or "com.VisualMusicDesign.SeeMusicUnity"

5.  After this, your files from previous Beta will now be visible in Beta version 5.0.

Sorry for this temporary issue, and thanks again for testing the Beta!

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