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SeeMusic Beta

The new version of SeeMusic features upgraded visuals and Windows compatibility! 

Download SeeMusic Beta 1.3 for MacOS

Download SeeMusic Beta 1.3 for Windows

Try out the new Beta for free, and share your feedback and suggestions on the official forum.

SeeMusic iOS & MacOS App

   SeeMusic is a groundbreaking visual music app that makes videos of your performances with color, lights, and particles!

•   SeeMusic makes professional music videos quickly and easily! Content creators can capture and save videos of their performances for sharing to Facebook and Instagram.

•   SeeMusic can create cutting-edge visuals for live concerts by connecting to any keyboard or instrument with a MIDI output.

Check out the SeeMusic Piano Youtube Channel for videos created with the app!

SeeMusic lets audiences see and understand musical harmony through color.  The user chooses a color for each of the 12 musical pitches.  As notes are played, the app visualizes each note using the color chosen for that pitch.  

SeeMusic is designed as a professional tool for live concerts and content creation.  Performers can easily connect any piano or keyboard with a MIDI output to their computer or phone, and output the concert visualization live to a TV or projector.  

Content creators can easily make videos inside the app.  Record audio, MIDI, and video of live performances, or make videos from MIDI files imported from your computer or the internet.

SeeMusic has also helped everyday users meditate, focus at work, and fall asleep at night. It is a great way to introduce children and teenagers to classical music.

SeeMusic is perfect for owners of Steinway Spirio or Yamaha Disklavier!

How it Works

User Reviews


"I like the fact that I can see the actual notes and the patterns of the chords. It's very different from the many versions of “Fantasia” style music visualization apps. This is the real thing!"

"I just put this app on my iPad and I love it! I have friends who’d been telling me about SeeMusic and how it makes music come alive in the visual realm and they’re absolutely right. It’s a wonder to behold"

"SeeMusic will thrill anyone who enjoys classical music, who appreciates visual artistry, who prizes meditation, or who wants to place music at the core of their day (or evening!)"



•  Import and visualize MIDI files of any piece of music 

•  Includes over 80 minutes of sample music by Liszt, Debussy, Chopin, Bach, and Beethoven

•  Label notes using the flats and sharps for any musical key

•  Teach or Learn about musical harmony through a simple but flexible system for assigning color to pitch

•  Save and export your set lists

•  Add a custom background image behind the visualization








•  Visualize live music as it is played with SeeMusic™ by...

    - connecting any instrument with a MIDI output

    - using the pitch detection feature


•  Record live performances with synchronized MIDI and audio


•  Use the Live Camera View feature to show live video inside the app


•  Create video content in the app using the Video Capture feature 


•  Reproduce the visualization for performances, even when your instrument is no longer on hand


•  Enable 1920x1080 HD resolution








• Enable 4K resolution for large-scale projection and other professional uses


• Includes Performance upgrade

Live Performances with SeeMusic

Please email support with any bugs, issues, or concerns you may have while using SeeMusic!  

SUPPORT:   visualmusicdesign@gmail.com

I'll get back to you as quickly as possible, and address the issue.