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Have you seen amazing piano videos on YouTube?  


Use SeeMusic to make your own, with the touch of a button!

* Particles and Lights *
* Perfect 4K Renders *
* Add Real Video Footage *
* Keyboard Saber *
* 3 Visualization Styles *
* Choose Music Colors *

Check out the SeeMusic Piano Youtube Channel for videos created with the app!

SeeMusic has emerged as the best solution for creators looking to make online piano videos quickly and easily.  In the past, creators had to use a combination of tools, including expensive software and plugins.  Renders took about an hour for a minute of video.  On a state-of-the-art computer, SeeMusic renders HD videos faster than realtime.

SeeMusic takes care of the entire video creation process from start to finish.  

How it Works
•  Record or add your MIDI to the app
•  Import and align your video footage
•  Choose your effects and color
•  Hit render!

SeeMusic creates cutting-edge projection visuals for live concerts, and effortlessly renders out videos for sharing on social media.

SeeMusic lets audiences see and understand musical harmony through color.  The user chooses a color for each of the 12 musical pitches.  As notes are played, the app visualizes each note using the color chosen for that pitch.  

SeeMusic can connect to any keyboard or instrument with a MIDI output, and can record synchronized audio and MIDI data.  Users can playback a visualization of their musical performance, even without an instrument on hand.  

•  Import and visualize MIDI files for any piece of music 

•  Connect and record any instrument with a MIDI output

•  Record live performances with synchronized MIDI and audio

•  Use the Live Camera View feature to show live video inside the app

•  Blazing-fast renders, with 1080p and 4K resolution options!

User Reviews


"I like the fact that I can see the actual notes and the patterns of the chords. It's very different from the many versions of “Fantasia” style music visualization apps. This is the real thing!"

"I just put this app on my iPad and I love it! I have friends who’d been telling me about SeeMusic and how it makes music come alive in the visual realm and they’re absolutely right. It’s a wonder to behold"

"SeeMusic will thrill anyone who enjoys classical music, who appreciates visual artistry, who prizes meditation, or who wants to place music at the core of their day (or evening!)"

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